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Postira • Island of Brač • Croatia


 In Postira there are tennis, basketball and soccer playgrounds, surrounding secondary roads are perfectly suitable for mountain bike ride. There are possibilities of boat, car, bike and motorbike renting, panoramic flights above islands, daily excursions by hydrofoils around island or to the adjacent islands, SCUBA diving and other possibilities of entertainment. We can also organize on your request adventure of rafting and canoeing on the river Cetina.

Gastronomy is various and rich. In the town as well as on the island there are plenty of restaurants where everyone can find something to satisfy ones taste (fish, shells, all kind of meat, pizza and other domestic and international dishes). There are several excellent supplied shops, butcher shop, bakery, green market, post office, medical care...

Cultural events, poetry evenings, music and dance, competitions in traditional sports, fisherman's evenings, exhibitions etc. will make your stay more interesting and fulfilled. Here you can find authentic souvenirs made of Brac stone as well as pieces of art made of olive woods.

Among numerous beaches on the island there is unique sandy beach "Lovrecina" hardly four kilometres distant from Postira. There is shallow water even eighty metres from the shore, which is perfectly suitable for children. There is a large parking shaded by the trees and restaurant that make this beach comfortable for whole day stay.

Beauties and treasures of the island Brac have always been interesting to the numerous conquers and riches of different cultures they brought are visible in plenty of monuments scattered all over the island. Adjacent to Postira there are remains of the ancient Roman's villae rusticae, basilica of early Christian period from sixth century and in vicinity of the town parish church recently discovered and conserved remains of large medieval basilica. Not far away from Postira, in the oldest settlement on Brac - Skrip, is location of Museum of the island that holds a lot of exposits talking about tempestuous history and heavy life of the inhabitants through past.

Monastery "Desert Blaca" where friars were living through XVI century, retreating in front of the Osmanlian conquest is impressive and wide famous. They have studied astronomy, they wrote a lot of scientific books and also were very proficient in music. Friars held a school for children from surrounding villages and spreaded culture. They lived exclusively on their work, own agriculture products and fishing. The museum and " Desert Blaca" as well as other cultural and sacral objects are opened for visits.

Advantage of vicinity of Split and it's numerous cultural monuments among which cultural value of Diocletian palace is emphasised (built under Roman Emperor Diocletianus from 295. - 305. year and is under UNESCO protection as a world cultural heritage), should be used for personal cultural enrichment.